Update procedure for IBM Portal Server and WCM v8.0.0.1 will be changing.

    Kenio Carvalho  20 November 2014 20:40:01
    Previously, unless you used special parameters, running IBM Installation Manager to apply a cumulative fix would both update the Portal product files and simultaneously configure the Portal profile. With the new procedure, Installation Manager will now only update the product files, and you will be required to run a pair of separate commands to configure the profile. Before now, the additional commands were required in certain situations; now they will be required in all upgrade cases.

    See the complete information on this link

      New version of Extension LIbrary on OpenNTF

      Kenio Carvalho  18 November 2014 09:15:27
      This release is the tenth IBM Notes Domino 9.0.1 version of the XPages Extension Library(ExtLib) to OpenNTF.

      It contains several new enhancements as well as some bug fixes. The following new changes have been added to this release:

      Responsive Web Design Support in XPages
      Enhanced Application Layout Wizard
      Enhancements to the theme combo boxes in the Xsp Properties editor
      SPR Fixes
      The intention of this release is to continue the improvement of the 9.0.1 OpenNTF ExtLib release .

        Microsoft Takes .NET Open Source And Cross-Platform

        Kenio Carvalho  12 November 2014 14:44:07
        For more than 12 years now, the .NET framework has been the programming model for developers who want to build apps for Windows. But in its efforts to take many of its developer tools cross-platform, Microsoft today announced that it plans to take .NET to both the Mac and Linux soon and that it is open-sourcing most of the full server-side .NET core stack (not client-side .NET), starting with the next version.

        Full article here

          Mozilla Launches Firefox Developer Edition

          Kenio Carvalho  10 November 2014 17:36:18
          Firefox is turning 10 today and to celebrate, Mozilla is launching a couple of new projects today, including a new privacy initiative and the Firefox Developer Edition, a new version of Firefox that puts the browser’s developer tools front and center.

            How to remove unwanted Domino Server name from Open Application dialog

            Kenio Carvalho  6 November 2014 10:25:08
             I never bothered with the names of servers that appeared in Open Application Dialog Application until now.

            A customer ask how to remove the server names but without loose the desktop.dsk.

            After a search on the subject i found a solution.

            1 - Download the desktool utility from IBM and put the file on the Notes program directory
            2 - Shutdown the Notes client.
            3 - Create a script to delete the files. It is a txt file with the following :

            Delete ServerName/Organization

            If you want to delete several servers create several lines with the server names.

            4 - Run the command  dsktool [filename ] -I  -R

              IBM fixes for Dominino to prevent POODLE attack

              Kenio Carvalho  4 November 2014 07:46:59
              IBM Domino Interim Fixes to support TLS 1.0 which can be used to prevent the POODLE attack

                IBM WCM multiple libraries and performance

                Kenio Carvalho  3 November 2014 18:20:54
                A customer askme last week if the we separate WCM code from content has impact  on WCM/Portal performance.

                My answer was No, there is no impact but the customer need an official response.  I opened a PMR and receive the response today :

                As noted, the WCM best practices are to separate the content from the design.
                For example, see the following link:


                Multiple libraries does not incur additional performance penalties since references are by UUID, which is independent of library.


                  IBM Notes Traveler for Android client explicit warning against use of HTTP (CVE-2014-6130)

                  Kenio Carvalho  31 October 2014 16:33:05
                  The IBM Notes Traveler client for Android devices allows the end user to connect to their Traveler server over HTTPS (using SSL) or the open HTTP standard. At present, the client application does not explicitly warn the end user if the Traveler administrator has chosen the insecure HTTP variant as the transport medium.

                  See the complete information on this IBM TechNote

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