IBM Connections 5.0 Search index error.

    Kenio Carvalho  3 March 2015 19:16:51
    Some users are receiving the message bellow instead of the search results:

    CLFRW0075W: Failed to load the index at startup, it may not have been created yet”

    The search index on one node was created/copied.

    To solve the problem i just copy the index from another node.

      IBM Connections 5 CR2 released

      Kenio Carvalho  26 February 2015 16:49:43
      1. Update strategy for IBM Connections 5.0:

      2. IBM Connections 5.0 requirements for IBM FileNet for use with Connections Content Manager (CCM):

      3. IBM Cognos Wizard for IBM Connections 5.0 Cumulative Refreshes (CRs)

      4. Fix list for IBM Connections 5.0 CR2:

      5. Updating the IBM Connections 5.0 databases to the required schema versions for Cumulative Refresh 2 (CR2):

      6. New functions included in IBM Connections 5.0 CR2

      7. Upgrade to IBM Connections 5.0 CR2 from IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 With Connections Content Manager (CCM)

        How to test your PC for the New "Superfish" Security Vulnerability

        Kenio Carvalho  19 February 2015 18:36:48
        Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in a piece of adware called Superfish that makes your computer vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. Superfish ships preloaded on many Lenovo computers, but can also be installed on any machine. Here's what's going on and how to test if you're infected.

        See the full article here

          WebSphere Portal is removing Apache commons-httpclient JAR files

          Kenio Carvalho  12 February 2015 12:13:02
          Due to security vulnerabilities (CVE-2012-6153 and CVE-2014-3577) WebSphere Portal is removing the Apache commons-httpclient JAR files from all releases and replacing them with the newer version (Apache HttpClient 4.3.6).  
          Note that the JAR files may not be removed by a specific interim fix but the interim fix will remove all WebSphere Portal uses of those JAR files and the JAR files will be removed by a subsequent Cumulative Fix associated with that release.

          These JAR files have been on the Portal classpath in many releases.  They were never intended to be used by our customers but it is possible that they could be used by a customer's custom portlets or by a third party's custom portlets.

          The specific JAR files that will be removed are the following:


          The WebSphere Portal releases in which the removal takes place are:

                  WebSphere Portal V6.1.0.6
                  WebSphere Portal V6.1.5.3
                  WebSphere Portal V7.0.0.2
                  WebSphere Portal V8.0.0.1 (included in CF15)
                  WebSphere Portal V8.5.0.0

          If you do not have any custom code or third party code that uses these JAR files you do not have to do anything as consequence of this removal.  

          If you do have custom code or third party code that depends on these JAR files to be in the Portal Server classpath then you will have to make a change.  There are many options.  You can simply add a copy of the JAR back into the WebSphere Application Server or WebSphere Portal classpath, add the JAR into the appropriate portlet WAR file (neither of which will protect you from the security vulnerabilities) or change your custom source code to use the new Apache HttpClient 4.3.6 JAR that does fix the security vulnerability.  Changing the source code is the best option.  Note that Apache HttpClient 4.3.6 is a complete rewrite of the library and there is no backward compatibility.  Reference the Apache web site for more details.

          From TN 1695483

            How setup IBM Connections 5 External Collaboration

            Kenio Carvalho  15 January 2015 09:44:41
            External collaboration is a new feature of Connections 5.

            External user are any users "marked" or "selected" as a external.

            External users can:
            • Only see Files and Communites that he/she has given access to
            • See people in the community and business card (limited to some information)
            • Search, but no public data will be returned.

            The process is not complicated. The key is how to mark or select external users on your ldap. The options are;

            1 - Map standard LDAP attribute for external users
            2 - Map standard LDAP attribute using JavaScript
            3 - Use an LDAP branch to store external users.

            I use the option 3 because on our LDAP external users are in another branch

            I am using linux .

            1 - First create another folder above /opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1.1 and copy the content of the TDISOL. I create with the nameTDISOLEXTERNAL
            2- Edit and add a line


            3 Edit and set the properties


            4- Append a string to an external user´s display name in


            5 - Run collect.dns and verify the list of users. Do not run or you will inactivate internal users!

            6 - run

            7 - Only internal users with the role EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED can share content with external users. Add the role to the users using wsadmin

            ProfileService.setRole("", EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED)

            Now you can collaborate with external users.

              IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 next gen theme not displayed

              Kenio Carvalho  13 January 2015 11:48:03
              After i setup the IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 i open the homepage and the theme was show as the old IBM Connections theme not the new one.

              I found on the systemout.log the following

              net.jazz.ajax.internal.util.TraceSupport warn The StyleSheet ""

              To solve the problem shutdown the connections server and clean the temp folder of the websphere application server on all nodes.

              Restart the server and everything must be ok.

              Thanks to Michael Urspinger tip

                Increase the productivity of Notes users with good Spam protection

                Kenio Carvalho  19 December 2014 08:46:08

                Email productivity is a hot topic  and several companies will launch new products including IBM with IBM Verse.

                But do not forget: Good spam protection is a important piece.

                Several months ago, in our company, i setup Lotus Protector for Mail Security.

                Before the setup, on mornings, we have a lot of spam and undesired messages do deal with.

                We loose lots of hours / month just cleaning the inbox.  

                Some important messages was deleted during this clean process.

                Using traveler on mornings was a nightmare.

                The life after Protector is very different, there is no inbox cleaning anymore and blocked messages is managed by the users using IBM Notes integrated with Protector

                Image:Increase the productivity of Notes users with good Spam protection

                Almost 90% of the hits are blocked, thousand of messages are blocked every day with zero false positive

                Image:Increase the productivity of Notes users with good Spam protection

                  WCT will not start on Linux x64

                  Kenio Carvalho  18 December 2014 15:02:29
                  Today i setup an IBM HTTPServer on top of Red Hat 6 64bits . The command doesn´t work.

                  Image:WCT will not start on Linux x64

                  I found on the log some missing libs

                  To solve the problem:

                  yum install gtk2-engines.i686
                  yum install libXtst.i686

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