Rational Team Concert - 10 Free Licenses for Small Teams

    Kenio Carvalho  23 May 2015 12:31:24
    IBM Rational Team Concert integrates task tracking, source control, and agile planning with continuous builds and a configurable process to adapt to the way you work.
    Finally -- everything you need to build great software, integrated seamlessly together right out of the box.

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      Google are removing support for Java, and other plugins that use NPAPI

      Kenio Carvalho  7 May 2015 21:13:57
      Google are removing support for Java, and other plugins that use NPAPI, from Chrome 45, which is available in September 2015.

      Oracle are not providing an alternative interface for Java and recommend users use a browser that does support NPAPI.

      Impact to IBM Web Content Manager 8.5 customers

      Customers using Chrome will not be able to use Ephox EditLive! from September onwards. It is possible to re-enable the Java plugin in Chrome before then. See the resolution section for instructions.

      Impact to users of IBM Web Content Manager and earlier

      Customers using Chrome will not be able to use Ephox EditLive from September onwards.

      Additionally, the import function of rich text fields, which is used to import an HTML file and it's images from the local workstation, will no longer function on Chrome regardless of the editor used. This is applicable to all design and markup fields, including rich text elements and components as well as menu and navigator designs. A fix for this is in development and will be available for WebSphere Portal as an iFix and in a cumulative fix (CF) when complete. This fix will not be available on versions earlier than

        Setup IBM Traveler for IBM Verse App from Zero to Verse Hero

        Kenio Carvalho  1 May 2015 21:42:33
        I follow the steps bellow to setup my IBM Traveler to allow the IBM Verse App.

        My Domino and Traveler is on the same machine using Linux.

        1 - Install or upgrade the Domino server 9.0.1 FP3

        2 - Install or upgrade IBM Traveler

        3 - Configure Domino HTTP for SSL.  This link was very useful for self cert.

        4 - I am using iPhone. The easiest way to import the self cert was sending the cert by mail and then install the cert on the iPhone.

        5 - Upgrade the Domino Directory ( http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21699618). The current Domino Directory Template does not have a tab for IBM Verse.

        6 - Download the IBM Verse App from the store and be happy :-)

          How to specify port when ssh to server

          Kenio Carvalho  2 April 2015 21:15:17
          Need this kind of port today. The ssh 22 port was used on the firewall for another server. The admin publish the server using port 1234
          According to man ssh:

           -p port 

          Port to connect to on the remote host. This can be specified on
          a per-host basis in the configuration file.

          So you should be looking at:

          ssh -p 1234 user@host

          to connect to port 1234.

            IBM Connections send notifications links as http not https

            Kenio Carvalho  26 March 2015 08:24:37
            Links on messages from IBM Connections contains links as https and http. The customer want's only https links

            How to set :

            1 - On the DMGR profile:

            ./wsadmin.sh -lang jython -user admin_user_id -password admin_password

            2 -Type the following on wsadmin interface


            3 - Do a checkout of LotusConnections-config.xml


            4 - Change de following to true

            5 Checkin the new LotusConnections-config.xml


            6 - Sync and restart the nodes

              Domino SSO with SharePoint using SPNEGO

              Kenio Carvalho  25 March 2015 12:37:49
              This week i setup Domino SSO with Windows. The customer will launch a SharePoint portal server and need a SSO with Domino Web Applications.

              I follow this tutorial, the setup is very simple but some problems arrive.

              The Domino server have the FQDN domino.mydomain.com.br  and the windows server  server.mydomain.com.br. The SSO doesn't work.
              I read the message  Attempt by HTTP client to authenticate using Windows NTLM security is not supported on Domino console.

              After the AD administrator setup the user dominostart, he issued the command SETSPN -a HTTP/domino.mydomain.com.br dominostart.

              When the user try to access a url of the domino server the browser show a logon dialog but the title of the dialog show the windows server name (server.mydomain.com.br).

              I asked the AD administrator to add another SPN SETSPN -a HTTP/server.mydomain.com.br dominostart

              Everything works after a Domino restart. :=)

              If you want to use Chrome as your browser you need to start Chrome with arguments

              /path/to/chrome --auth-server-whitelist="*.domain.com"

                Setup IBM Cognos Connections 5 on SLES11 and Oracle. A novel

                Kenio Carvalho  19 March 2015 08:23:12
                This week i spend several hours to setup a machine with IBM Cognos and IBM Connections 5 CR2 on SLES 11 SP3 using Oracle as database.

                The Cognos wizard complete the CognosBI setup but Trasnformer not.

                I set the logs to debug level and the messages does not help.

                The problem was when the error appears the wizard roll back the installation of CognosBI removing everything from WebSphere.

                After several reviews of the SLES libraries and Oracle client setup i made the setup only for CognosBI (previously i setup CognosBI + Transformer) successfully.

                I try to open the cognos URL like http://server:port/cognos/servlet/dispatch/ext but the server doesn't send any response

                Reading the cognos.log i found the following :

                Initialization_SESS Initialization_REQ Thread-70        CM        6304        1        Audit.cms.CM        StartService Warning
                CM-CFG-5063 A Content Manager configuration error was detected while connecting to the content store. sealing violation:
                package oracle.jdbc is sealed Runtime Exception stack trace: java.lang.SecurityException: sealing violation: package oracle.jdbc is sealed

                I don't now why but the installer copy the orajdbc6.jar into Cognos.ear.   I stop the cognos server, remove the orajdbc6.jar from the lib folder inside of cognos.ear and  start the server.

                The cognosBI works and  Transformer was installed without problems.

                The steps i follow

                1 - Setup Cognos BI
                2 - Stop the server and remove the orajdbc6.jar from the cognos.ear
                3 - Start the Cognos Server
                4 - Setup the Transformer

                  IBM Connections requires that XMLHTTP is enabled in Internet Explorer

                  Kenio Carvalho  9 March 2015 08:26:17
                  IBM Connections requires that XMLHTTP is enabled in Internet Explorer, either through ActiveX or native object, for the dynamic AJAX functionality to function correctly.

                  Check Enable native XMLHTTP support in the Advanced tab of the Internet Options dialog

                  Image:IBM Connections requires that XMLHTTP is enabled in Internet Explorer

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