How setup IBM Connections 5 External Collaboration

    Kenio Carvalho  15 January 2015 09:44:41
    External collaboration is a new feature of Connections 5.

    External user are any users "marked" or "selected" as a external.

    External users can:
    • Only see Files and Communites that he/she has given access to
    • See people in the community and business card (limited to some information)
    • Search, but no public data will be returned.

    The process is not complicated. The key is how to mark or select external users on your ldap. The options are;

    1 - Map standard LDAP attribute for external users
    2 - Map standard LDAP attribute using JavaScript
    3 - Use an LDAP branch to store external users.

    I use the option 3 because on our LDAP external users are in another branch

    I am using linux .

    1 - First create another folder above /opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1.1 and copy the content of the TDISOL. I create with the nameTDISOLEXTERNAL
    2- Edit and add a line


    3 Edit and set the properties


    4- Append a string to an external user´s display name in


    5 - Run collect.dns and verify the list of users. Do not run or you will inactivate internal users!

    6 - run

    7 - Only internal users with the role EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED can share content with external users. Add the role to the users using wsadmin

    ProfileService.setRole("", EMPLOYEE_EXTENDED)

    Now you can collaborate with external users.

      IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 next gen theme not displayed

      Kenio Carvalho  13 January 2015 11:48:03
      After i setup the IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 i open the homepage and the theme was show as the old IBM Connections theme not the new one.

      I found on the systemout.log the following

      net.jazz.ajax.internal.util.TraceSupport warn The StyleSheet ""

      To solve the problem shutdown the connections server and clean the temp folder of the websphere application server on all nodes.

      Restart the server and everything must be ok.

      Thanks to Michael Urspinger tip

        Increase the productivity of Notes users with good Spam protection

        Kenio Carvalho  19 December 2014 08:46:08

        Email productivity is a hot topic  and several companies will launch new products including IBM with IBM Verse.

        But do not forget: Good spam protection is a important piece.

        Several months ago, in our company, i setup Lotus Protector for Mail Security.

        Before the setup, on mornings, we have a lot of spam and undesired messages do deal with.

        We loose lots of hours / month just cleaning the inbox.  

        Some important messages was deleted during this clean process.

        Using traveler on mornings was a nightmare.

        The life after Protector is very different, there is no inbox cleaning anymore and blocked messages is managed by the users using IBM Notes integrated with Protector

        Image:Increase the productivity of Notes users with good Spam protection

        Almost 90% of the hits are blocked, thousand of messages are blocked every day with zero false positive

        Image:Increase the productivity of Notes users with good Spam protection

          WCT will not start on Linux x64

          Kenio Carvalho  18 December 2014 15:02:29
          Today i setup an IBM HTTPServer on top of Red Hat 6 64bits . The command doesn´t work.

          Image:WCT will not start on Linux x64

          I found on the log some missing libs

          To solve the problem:

          yum install gtk2-engines.i686
          yum install libXtst.i686

            What are the more commonly seen file extensions used by IBM Notes?

            Kenio Carvalho  17 December 2014 08:27:01
            For a variety of purposes, such as Anti-virus exclusion or scripting, it may be necessary to know all or at least the majority of the file extensions that Notes uses. This document has a list and the purpose of some of the more commonly used ones.

            .box - Used for mail routing. Mail is stored either in the client's or server's before being routed to the recipient.
            .dic - User dictionary file (obsolete as of 8.5.x Standard if using the new spell check engine)
            .dll - Dynamic-link Library
            .dmp - Dump file, usually created during a crash.
            .exe - Executable file.
            .ft - Full Text Index
            .gif - Type of an image
            .hst - History file, Example fault_recovery.hst
            .id - A Notes/Domino ID file, belonging to a user, server, or a certifier ID
            .ini - Configuration settings file (INI = Initialize). These files are most commonly read at launch time.
            .jar - Java class package file
            .jpg - JPEG image
            .lck - A file which locks another. Usually you will see a file with its normal extension and another with .lck if the file is in use or locked for other reasons
            .lock - Same as .lck
            .log - Non-Eclipse log file. Usually used to troubleshoot core client issues (ones that would be seen in the Basic client, like console logs and NSD files). Eclipse logs are in .XML format.
            .nbf - Process table file
            .ncf - Files similar to databases but are not read by humans. Examples include ~editclp.ncf (Notes clip board file) and cluster.ncf (File which contains cluster information)
            .ndk - Another file similar to .ncf. Examples include Cache.NDK (Client cache) and Desktop8.ndk (Where workspace icons, some cached design elements among other things are stored)
            .nsf - Notes System File, a Notes/Domino database.
            .ntf - Notes Template file, a Notes/Domino template.
            .prefs - A preference file, commonly found in
            .properties - Similar to ini files but in the Eclipse side. Example,, a file read by rcplauncher.exe when Notes2.exe is run.
            .txt - A text file
            .xml - An XML file. Most commonly used for Eclipse logs (Found in Data/Workspace/Logs)

            I got this information from the TN1675947

              IBM Installation Manager GUI crashes on RHEL 6.6

              Kenio Carvalho  8 December 2014 10:54:45
              The IBM Installation Manager GUI crashes on RHEL 6.6 during the installation of a product while going through the Installation wizard screens.

              The IBM Installation Manager GUI crashes and a JVM termination window pops up with the following text:

              JVM terminated. Exit code=1





              I run the Installation Manager in Console mode to complete de installation

              More options on the TN bellow


                IBM Champion 2015

                Kenio Carvalho  3 December 2014 14:35:09

                Image:IBM Champion 2015

                Thanks to all is a great honor.

                The complete list of champions is in this link

                  How to solve db2 setup failure on Windows 2012

                  Kenio Carvalho  1 December 2014 20:32:51
                  Last week i was installing the db2 10 server on top of windows 2012.  The setup program was unable to install the .Net 3.5 framework.
                  I try install the .Net 3.5 from Add Features menu but it´s did not work well.

                  So my Windows Administrator do the following using the Windows 2012 dvd

                  Dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
                  Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All  /LimitAccess /Source:E:\sources\sxs "E:" The "E:" is the dvd unity letter

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